Business Modelling

I-STEP Business Model

I-STEP business model is designed to involve farmers at grassroot level & converting them into a successful entrepreneur. India being a agricultural country 600 millions farmers are involved in farming. this creates a huge potential to generate plenty of biomass which can successfully converted into Biomass Energy.

Three Pillars of our Business Model


Pellet production from agri waste which can be sold as clean fuel to industries, HHs, TPPs etc.

Sharing knowhow & provide technical skills to local community.

Partnership with organization & co-operation with FPO’s & equipment manufacturer etc. to scale up the pellet production.

Institutional Model of Bio Trend


• In India, more than 600 million people involved in agriculture related activities. As we are majorly agrarian economy, this create huge potential for us to work in this sector.
• Majorly in North India region of UP, Haryana, Punjab etc a substantial amount of crop residues is generated and burned to clear field. This also create problem of air pollution in the region.
• Crop residues burning has emerged an important contribution to very high pollution levels & Bio Trend Energy is set to reduce these levels & promoting a sustainable way of agriculture.

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