3000 6000

Biomass Aggregated(MT)

500 1220

Coal Replaced(MT)

0 35

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Biomass Pellets
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Creating Sustainable energy of tomorrow.


Bio Trend Energy Private Limited

(BTE) is one of the company in India that have been working on advanced biomass pellets/waste clean energy solutions/innovations that aims to reduce GHG emissions and improve environment. Our long-term goal is to achieve a cleaner environment by replacing fossil fuel in industrial and other sectors.

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why us

Focus Technologies

• Densification (Briquetting & Pelletization)
• Torrefaction & Gasification
• Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas, CBG)
• Decentralized Renewable Energy system design (Cookstoves, Irrigation pump set, Charcoal plant, pellet burners etc.)

Focus Biomass pellets/Waste

• Agro-residues(Paddy straw, Rice husk, Sugarcane, Groundnut shells, Mustard stalk, Jute etc.)
• Forestry(Pine Needle, Lantana etc)
• Bamboo residues

Consultancy & Advisory services

• Technical, Financial & market assessment
• Technical due diligence
• Renewable Energy Planning Activities
• Contributes to an increasing role of biomass & waste utilization in the energy transition and circular economy.

Sustainable Energy


Sustainable Growth

Bio Trend Energy

Our Key Achievements


Lets have look at some parameters..

Bio Trend Energy

continuously striving to achieve milestone in sustainable energy landscape. Have a look at the monthly data of the Biomass aggregation, biomass pellets & monthly coal replaced by our company.
Make in India

Our Manufacturing units in India


Factory at Gandhi Dham

Glimpse of our pellet manufacturing unit in Gujrat producing biomass pellets.

Factory at Raisen

Glimpse of our manufacturing unit in Madhya Pradesh.

Our Global Footprint...


In a continuous effort for global sustainable energy transItion, we have partnered with energy enthusiast all over the world and joining more of them each day in our GOAL…

28 %
62 %
African Region
10 %

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    Our Focus Areas

    In the domain of renewable energy

    Bio Trend Energy Private Limited

    (BTE) continue to undertake various projects like training of farmers, prospective stakeholders and our various partners and activities like biomass pellets manufacturing.
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